For this week’s #Jcollab, we have Cheryl @curiouslah sharing with us the quote "Your Treasure is Where Your Heart Will Be". 


This is her story of what the quote means to her as a constant reminder for her wandering heart:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be.”
Matthew 6:21


Taken from Matthew 6:21, this verse reminds me to constantly examine my wandering heart. In the difficulties, and even in the pleasures of life, we are so prone to wander from God and turn to other things to satisfy. This verse reminds us to set our eyes on eternity, and that our true treasure is in heaven, given through Christ, that cannot be destroyed or stolen.


J & Co Foundry has created bar pendant necklaces with the quote "Your Treasure is Where Your Heart Will Be" engraved on each respective side. With every purchase of the jewelry, you will receive a postcard specially designed by Cheryl. It is now available for purchase in-store at 261 Waterloo Street #02-18 (Waterloo Center) Singapore 180261 and online, here

To see more of Cheryl's artwork, follow her on Instagram @curiouslah

This week’s #Jcollab little message serves as a reminder from the Lord that whatever we set our heart unto, is where we lay our desires and most important treasures. We are surrounded by worldly desires where we often loose our hearts to the yearning of fulfilling these temporary worldly needs or wants, and this causes our soul to be lost in our worldly possessions. Therefore, always align your heart with God’s heart so that you will bask in the joy of heavenly desires which will last for eternity.

Have a blessed week ahead! (:


- J & Co Foundry Team

October 17, 2017 — J & Co Foundry