Through the hustle and bustle of life and in our daily grind, we can sometimes be defeated by discouragement which holds us back from reaching our full potential. Hence, J & Co Foundry is created in the hopes of adding positivity and inspiration to your life through the power of a little message.

At J & Co Foundry, we believe that a little message can go a long way.  A little message can come in the form of an encouragement, affirmation or inspiration.

We perceive a little message to be like a mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds. When a mustard seed is planted into the ground, it grows to become a magnificent tree with long branches that serves as a shelter to many birds. Let’s not underestimate the weight of words as once it is planted in one's heart, it can shape perspectives and bring about empowered, courageous and determined individuals. A message, be it short or long, can leave an everlasting impact.

Each jewellery piece are carefully curated and engraved with well-thought-out messages. To us, the jewellery is more than just what it is; it carries a meaningful message that will journey with you through the different chapters of life. We hope that each delicate piece will carry a different story to each wearer.

Our customizable service allows you to create your personal little message so that it can become your very own daily inspiration and encouragement. Plant a seed of encouragement by engraving a little message with us and surprise your loved one with a meaningful gift today. You never know how that seed can become a magnificent tree too!

Remember, a little message can go a long way.