Remembered and engraved on His hands

- Isaiah 49:14-16


“The Lord has forsaken me; my Lord has forgotten me” – this was the cry of God’s people while in captivity in a foreign land. God’s reply was one of assurance – that He had surely not forgotten them but had engraved them on the palms of His hands. These verses hold special meaning, because God had spoken to me through these verses, seven times, in the span of two weeks. He gently yet firmly sealed this truth in my heart in a season where I felt forgotten by Him. Be assured. God remembers you, deeply.


J & Co Foundry has created braided bracelet bands with the quote "Engraved on His Hands" engraved on it. With every purchase of the jewelry, you will receive a postcard designed by Sher. It is now available for purchase in-store at 261 Waterloo Street #02-18 (Waterloo Center) Singapore 180261 and online, here.


To find out more about Sher and see more of her artworks, follow her on Instagram @rafthausewrites


- J & Co Foundry Team

June 03, 2020 — J & Co Foundry