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so will i ♪

"If creation sings your praises so will I"
from "So Will I (100 Billion X)" by Hillsong Worship

2020 started off with a question "Are you paying attention to what God is doing in your life?

Let's be honest. There are times when it is hard for us to not pay attention to the holes in our lives. Don't you find it confusing that we can be aware of God's provisions yet still feel a deep absence of something? Maybe it's something we've been longing for or something that's been taken away. Whatever it is, the void can cause us to feel deeply dissatisfied. Even though there will be times when the void is so glaringly visible in our lives, creation begs us to redirect our attention and invites us to become re-captivated by how truly wonderful our LORD is:

"With no point of reference, [He] spoke to the dark and fleshed out the wonder of light"

Don't you find that wonderful? The dark was ALL there was, and with the power of His words, God creates light, initiating his work of filling the earth with His goodness. If we really pay attention we can see His heart in everything he has made. When we see His heart, there is an abundance of love. Surely, if all of creation sings of how awesome our Maker is, so will WE!

So here is a reminder: We are in the hands of the only One who can make wonderful things out of NOTHING. Even if there is a void, we can trust our hearts to Him. Let us turn our hearts towards him and pay attention to all that he is doing in our lives. All we can do is praise!

Comes with a piece of artwork in a form of card by the artist.
*While stocks last

Silver color - Stainless Steel
Rose Gold color - Stainless Steel plated with Rose Gold

Adjustable to fit most wrist
Round Pendant Diameter 1cm
Bracelet Diameter ~ 5.5cm
Bracelet Length ~ 15.5cm

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Care Instructions
J & Co jewellery are generally made from stainless steel with ion plating. Ion plating is the most advanced surface coating till date. Regular care can extend the durability of your jewellery for a long time. Jewellery should preferably not be worn while swimming and during sports. Jewellery should be taken off prior to going to bed or showering. Avoid contact with substances containing chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, detergent etc. Use a clean soft cloth to remove dirt and grime on the jewellery after each wear. Store jewellery in a separate soft pouch and in a dry and cool environment when not in use.