Perseverance Produces Character

“We could not learn endurance without suffering, because without suffering there’d be nothing to endure.”

– John Scott

It’s easy to lose faith in the midst of trials and tribulations; when I’m feeling hopeless, lost and weak, I know that God is there. God allows us to go through hardships, because in those seasons, in those trials, He often does His greatest work on us. We are made stronger as we persevere.

Endurance. Patience. Steadfastness. Growth. I’m learning to embrace all circumstances, sustain the trust, and to find hope & joy within suffering.

J & Co Foundry has created bar necklaces with the quote "Suffering Perseverance Hope" engraved on it. With every purchase of the jewelry, you will receive a postcard designed by Jess. It is now available for purchase in-store at 261 Waterloo Street #02-18 (Waterloo Center) Singapore 180261 and online, here.


To find out more about Jess and see more of her artworks, follow her on Instagram @jessoligraphy


- J & Co Foundry Team

October 19, 2020 — The Commandment Co