[JCollab] Amanda x J & Co Foundry

J & Co Foundry Collaboration with Amanda Lee @freeleewrites

For this week’s #Jcollab post, we have Amanda Lee @freeleewrites sharing with us the quote "In His Time". 

This is what the quote means to her:

Trusting in God’s time isn’t easy. We live in a world of instant gratification. When our desires go unfulfilled for too long, it sometimes seems...

[JCollab] Hearticulate x J & Co Foundry

J & Co Foundry Jcollab In His Time Rose Gold Circle Pendant Necklace Jewelry Verse Postcard Singapore Collaboration Hearticulate Hearticulatesg

For this week’s #Jcollab, we have @hearticulatesg sharing with us the quote "In His Time". 


This is her story of what the quote means to her when she waits upon the Lord:

Waiting. Nobody likes to wait, even more so in our time now. But God uses seasons of waiting to change us inwardly...